About theprome
Social Networking Platform. With our new feature, user can posts, photos,



“THE PROME” basic theme to close the gap between the communities, companies, Government sectors, and countries.

A person easily can access on any Organization, or Govt Sector on their own Mobile, Computer, which makes easy for them.

“THE PROME” aims to make easy a normal life of a normal person, without losing their time, money, and energy.

“THE PROME” make it sure to bring the whole world facilities to your Mobile Phone, or Home computer. You can introduce yourself to the companies hassle free application, upload your bio data on your own page which you can manage by yourself.

“THE PROME” main features are as following:-

                        Socialize (Social Media Platform)

                        Online Earning without investment by Referral Link   

                        Earning by your posts, Share posts, Likes, and Dislikes

                         Latest Movies,

                        Job Portal

                        Sale your products directly without any Mediator

                        Reach to the Top Brands without any hassle.

                        Market your Products (An Ecommerce Platform)



                        And a lot more

Its world demand to reduce the paper work, but reach to the world level companies, organizations with full information and expertise and “PROME” will help you to reach each part of the world without spending your money for travelling, or extra expenses for reaching to the organizations. You can advertise yourself from your own home, can apply and reach any job over the world as per your own qualifications and experiences of life.

PROME also help the fresh students to search and reach the Industries where exactly they need, each candidate deserve the best as per knowledge, studies, and experience.

We divide “THE PROME” into Four categories, “Personal” “Companies” “ Government” & “Countries” the reason is fast growing world demand, “Save Greenery” “Save Trees” and to control the temperature of the world, its demand of the world to minimize the utilize of paper work in the normal life , offices, industries. We would like to introduce our communities simple way of introducing them self, to the world.